Garden Club Residence

Garden Club Residence

As you already know, WEBi specializes in real estate marketing. Throughout our history, we have served the most diverse real estate agencies, always achieving significant […]


As you already know, WEBi specialises in real estate marketing. Throughout our history, we have served the most diverse real estate agencies, always achieving significant results and transforming them into true pillars in the market through the many techniques that inbound marketing offers.

And, whether for real estate agencies or construction companies, no phase of the year is as important as the launch of a new project. When a launch is done well, with the best publicity techniques and with everything necessary to reach the right people, the company’s numbers go through the roof, and profits increase considerably.

We know how much a good launch makes a difference to the success of a new development — and it was with this in mind that we developed differentiated and personalised actions for the launch of Garden Club Residence, the newest condominium from our client ALZ Construtora.

Here, the Garden Club was treated as a new client, receiving exclusive actions and treated independently from the already established client. However an important factor is that we are able to use all the authority and relevance of the construction company’s own profiles, which we gained throughout of the beautiful work done over 2 years ago. The result of this approach? Numbers that not even the most optimistic could predict — which, once again, proves the efficiency of inbound marketing and, of course, the WEBi Agency’s team of experts.

In this text, we will explain more about the project. We will present the Garden Club Residence, describe all the actions carried out and show the results. Oh, and lastly, we also explain how this major project didn’t deliver results for just one of our clients, but for two!

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The Garden Club Residence

In addition to all our knowledge in the strategies applied, much of the success is due to the venture itself. After all, we weren’t working with just any condominium, but with an innovative project: a popular club condominium complete with a leisure area containing everything a family could want and need.

Still under construction and located in Pedra Branca, the most charming neighbourhood in Palhoça, the Garden Club Residence has 2-bedroom apartments, with the option of 1 suite, financed by the Casa Verde e Amarela program and can be paid for in instalments, the balance financed and free deed. Unmissable conditions, don’t you think?

But the real highlight is the leisure area. It has:

  • Party rooms with stage, barbecue and industrial kitchen;
  • Gourmet kiosks with refrigerator, stove and barbecue;
  • Games rooms with bar option;
  • 470 meter walking trail;
  • Covered sports court;
  • Synthetic grass court with changing rooms;
  • Sand volleyball court;
  • Equipped gym;
  • Pilates space;
  • Covered and heated adult and children’s swimming pool;
  • Semi-Olympic swimming pool;
  • Children’s pool;
  • Outdoor gym;
  • Pet place;
  • Community garden;
  • Car wash.

Wow! With so many leisure options, it’s easy to get lost. And you didn’t read it wrong; All of these options will be part of the Garden Club Residence, providing practicality and convenience for each resident.
After getting to know the venture better, let’s see what WEBi did to ensure that the launch was an absolute success?

WEBi shares

As we already mentioned, Garden was treated here as a separate client, having an entire project to call its own. In other cases, it would be regarded as a company product, being one more product to share space with the rest of the projects. But, through long strategic conversations with ALZ Construtora, we all decided to go further.

All the techniques that were already applied to ALZ were applied to Garden, with greater intensity, in addition to adding some new ones, which included:

  • Creation of a 100% personalized hotsite, with high performance and optimized for SEO;
  • Social media management;
  • Production of strategic content with SEO techniques;
  • Marketing automation to generate business opportunities;
  • Design and production of quality materials;
  • Creation of Landing Pages;
  • Video Marketing.

Basically, we apply everything that inbound marketing allows, combining techniques in all available means to reach the largest number of highly qualified leads possible. And the numbers exceeded expectations.

Results achieved

All the actions we have described so far had one main objective: to take all potential customers to the launch weekend of the Garden Club Residence, when sales would actually take place. In these days, it was essential that sales were high, so that the return on the investment that ALZ had made so far began to appear.

The total number of apartments available for sale, in this first stage of the project, was 384. With this number in mind, ALZ’s expectations were that we would need 220 apartments to be sold, which represents just under 60% of this total.

At the end of the second day of the launch, ALZ counted no less than 325 apartments sold. That’s right: with the help of WEBi, ALZ Construtora managed to reach its goal by more than 100 units. If before the objective was to sell approximately 60% of available units, the weekend ended with 84% of units sold.

This absolute success shows that inbound marketing can be the protagonist of incredible results, and that real estate marketing is the best path to the success of a construction or real estate company. But there’s still more…

Bonus: we didn’t achieve results for just one company, but for two!

One of WEBi Agency’s partner real estate agencies is Barbarotti Imóveis — which we have mentioned previously. Barbarotti and ALZ are closely linked, as, in addition to operating in the same locations, Barbarotti is always among the real estate agencies that sell apartments launched by ALZ.

As we were responsible for marketing the Garden Club Residence, and as we are already behind Barbarotti’s digital marketing actions, many of the investments in the real estate company’s marketing were also directed to Garden sales.

And the results we achieved for Barbarotti in this period show that nothing was luck, but strategy. Among 34 brokers who participated in the Garden Club Residence sales, 11 were from Barbarotti Imóveis, that is, approximately a third. The result? Barbarotti alone sold 50% of all units.

In addition to having had direct participation in the successful launch of the project, the real estate agency that sold the most (hands down) is also our client. Did you see how WEBi real estate marketing makes all the difference?

If you are also excited by these numbers, know that our next success story could be yours! With more than 20 years in the market, WEBi Agency stands out for delivering impressive results to its clients.
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325 apartments sold in a weekend
50% of the units were sold by Barbarotti Imóveis, another WEBi client
84% of units sold

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