Paid Media Management

WEBi is a Google Partner agency, certified for advertising on search engines and social networks. This service is suitable for any type of company that wants short-term results. However, in isolation it does not usually deliver organic results. Click and find out more!

Paid Media Management


The paid media service or paid traffic, as it is also called, is a digital marketing strategy that uses paid advertisements to generate visits to a website, blog or page on the internet, in addition to being used to increase the visibility and engagement of a publication. It is a quick and efficient way to increase the visibility of a brand or company on the internet, whether through sponsored links in search engines, such as Google or sponsorship and promotion of publications on various social media platforms. It can be used to achieve various objectives, such as:

  • Generate leads
  • Increase the sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve search engine positioning (SEO)

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How it works?

WEBi Agency is an agency certified by Google for all types of advertisements on the platform. Therefore, all of our traffic managers are certified with all certifications constantly updated, which qualifies us to deliver the best possible service, in addition to all the support that a full service digital agency can provide. A lot of strategy and data analysis are constantly applied. The WEBi agency is responsible for planning, executing and optimizing paid advertising campaigns. We use various tools and techniques to achieve client objectives, such as:

Defining the target audience
Selection of media channels
Creating relevant ads
Monitoring and optimizing results

Paid traffic service can be a great option for businesses that want to increase online visibility and achieve their short-term marketing goals. It is important to have a qualified agency to ensure that campaigns are successful.

Some of the benefits of the paid media service:

Immediate reach: Paid ads can be served immediately, which allows the company to reach its target audience quickly.
Accuracy: Ads can be targeted to reach a specific audience, which helps increase campaign efficiency.
Measuring results: the results of paid traffic campaigns can be easily measured, which allows the company to monitor performance and make necessary adjustments

Attention: We recommend this service to any type of company that wants to grow and, above all, sell more. However, it is always recommended to combine it with more complete work, which focuses on the entire purchasing journey of a potential customer. If you are interested in increasing your company’s online visibility and focusing on reaching a specific audience to present a post or an offer, a paid traffic service can be a great option.

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