Palace Praia Hotel

Palace Praia Hotel

In this success story, we will explain how we applied strategic planning using Inbound Marketing to leverage the growth and visibility of Palace Praia Hotel, increasing its sales significantly and gradually.

Project Start: October/2020 Project Start


In this success story, we will explain how we applied strategic planning using Inbound Marketing to leverage the growth and visibility of Palace Praia Hotel, consequently increasing its sales significantly and gradually.

We were able to attract, engage and convert high-quality leads after a complete digital redesign. This increased the brand’s visibility, focusing on the establishment’s differentiators, services and customer experience, even before staying.

The numbers showed above-average organic growth, in addition to paid traffic actions, bringing a notable increase in website traffic, leading to an increase in lead generation via WhatsApp and direct bookings through the search engine.

These were the client’s main objectives:
⦁ Enhance the hotel’s strengths
⦁ Strengthen identity and brand
⦁ Gain new leads and increase bookings

What was our challenge?

The Hotel faced the challenge of standing out in a seasonal market, highly dependent on the summer season. They were looking for an effective way to attract a qualified target audience and nurture lasting relationships with their customers, to increase the booking rate in low season, in addition to presenting the wonderful hotel in such a way that their audience perceived the true experience that awaited them.


Complete digital marketing project using the Inbound Marketing methodology
(SEO - UX - Content - Social Networks - Paid Traffic - Marketing Automation and Video Marketing)
We developed a complete and personalized strategy 4 hands ago:


1. Attraction

In addition to creating content for the client's blog, we carry out On and Off Page SEO optimisations on the website. With this, we reached more than 31,800 visits in just 4 months!


2. Conversion

With the aim of generating more leads for the customer, we create quality materials and attractive offers for the public. This encourages conversions and helps the lead to progress through the purchasing journey, understanding the reasons that make the hotel their best option.


3. Relationship

We create personalised email automation flows for those who convert on each channel, in addition to regular newsletter campaigns and social media posts focusing on the guest experience. This maintains the relationship and connection with the lead.


4. Sales

By constantly capturing new potential customers and nurturing them, we maintained a continuous relationship, providing relevant information and gradually directing them towards their purchasing decision.


Increase from 25% to 47% on the average email open rate
92% more leads in the first half of 2023 x 2022
More than 13% increase the conversion rate from opportunities to sales
+ 100% increase in revenue in 2023 x 2022
103% growth of organic traffic 2023 x 2022
New Website improving user experience and conversion rates

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