RB Multimarcas

RB Multimarcas

In this success story, you will see how we implemented the strategic planning created by our experts for RB Motors, and generated more than 7,999 leads with Inbound Marketing.

Project Start: October/2019 Project Start


The digital marketing-oriented partnership between Agência WEBi and RB Multimarcas began in October 2019. The client’s main objectives with digital marketing were to increase market prominence and improve the quality of lead prospecting.

To achieve RB’s objectives, the WEBi Agency, through a careful process of environmental assessment, scenario analysis, consideration of the competing market and validation of best practices – benchmarking – prepared a digital marketing plan focused on results.

The plan, strictly speaking, covered the essence of inbound marketing:

  • Management and optimization of the company’s website;
  • Social media management;
  • Production of strategic content with SEO techniques;
  • Marketing automation to generate business opportunities;
  • Design and production of quality materials;
  • Creation of Landing Pages;
  • Video Marketing
  • Management of Google Ads campaigns with a focus on reducing budget


What was our challenge?

RB faced the challenge of standing out in a saturated and highly competitive market. They were looking for an effective way to attract a qualified target audience and nurture lasting customer relationships.


Complete digital marketing project using the Inbound Marketing methodology (SEO - UX - Content - Social Networks - Paid Traffic - Marketing Automation and Video Marketing).


1. Attraction

Development and SEO optimization of the blog, creation and publication of content relevant to the target audience, generating brand authority in the segment. Rank 0 on Google for the keyword “most economical diesel cars”.


2. Conversion

Creation and dissemination of high-quality materials and broadcasting marketing emails focused on offers to convert leads.


3. Relationship

Marketing automation through RD Station, for relationships with the base.


4. Sales

More than 1500 sales opportunities since the start of actions.

Main Achievements

140 thousand New users on the site + 200 thousand Sessions on the website + 16 million People impacted on social media + 1500 Sales opportunities


About 140 thousand new users on the website since the beginning of actions
More than 200 thousand sessions in the same period
More than 16 million people impacted since the beginning of the actions, on social networks
More than 1500 selling opportunities from the beginning of the shares
Google position 0 for the keyword “most economical diesel cars”

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